Witches in Fiction Winner and The 7th Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest

Today’s winner is… LyndaB
Enjoy your copy of Heat Stroke by Mike Crowson.
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Congrats, my Wicked Darling!

7th Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest (Apr 19th)

 *Commenting on any of the Wicked Darling Guest’s posts, and adding “Witches in Fiction and Terry Pratchett in my Mind!” (or any other addition I’ve asked for, in specific posts) at the end of your comments, will get you an extra entry on the three giveaways sponsored by moi. 

Today’s Giveaway (April 20th)
  • Ryan is a hot witch, and Rituals by Kiki Howell is on fire! The winner only gets the boy in the ropes, but I wanted to share Kiki's cool cover collage ;-)
Today’s Post (April 20th)
  • Ryan is a rare thing in fiction, a male witch. I read a lot of books where magic is at the heart at the witchy plot, but male magic users are seldom called witches in my readings. Today’s post is about my favorite male witchy characters, Gandalf and Belgarath—two Magnificent Witches of the Wizard(ish) Persuasion. Add “Male witchy characters are hot! Hot! Hot!” at the end of your comment on today’s post, and gain an extra entry for Rituals by Kiki Howell.   


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  1. You have given us so much good reading...I can't keep up...

  2. Congratulations to Linda B!

  3. Neat new giveaway. :]

    FYI I have another witchy blog post about a book character. On both of my blogs. (The same post both places.)