Witches in Fiction Winner and The 4th Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest

Today’s winner is…Sunshineshelle
from um, Sunshineshelle.
Enjoy your beautiful Prayer Beads from A Pagan Prayer.
Please send me your mailing info via my contact form.
Congrats, my Wicked Darling!

4th Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest (Apr 16th)
Things are quiet in the Witches in Fiction party lane, so not a whole lot of digesting today. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and check out the prior Digests. Well, I guess I can say something about comments; I usually reply them all as soon as I get a chance. However, I don’t want to add my name to the giveaway posts (because I would have to pull it out before picking each winner and I don’t want to have to do that because I’m lazy), so I won’t add my witty replies to your wonderful input until after a winner has been chosen. What have you been up to my luvs?

Today’s Giveaway (April 17th)
Girl finds out she is a witch, then she meets boy. Witch and boy… I luv you, my Wicked Darlings, but I am not telling you more. Go meet Portia, and try your luck at winning The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford. 

Today’s Post (April 17th)
A bit of almost not too bad art, which is my latest contribution to 52 Weeks of Pagan Journaling. Go take a look-see; I drew it with lots of love... and watercolor pencils. Oh, and if you add a nice Earth Day phrase under that post, something like Love does grow on trees you’ll get an extra entry to todays giveaway ;-)

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  1. A huge congrats to Sunshineshelle!

  2. Yeh Shelle!! I am doing the happy dance!!!

  3. Thanks Magaly & thx Mina & Stacy YEEEHAAAA ;) I'm totally stoked that I won these beads, they are so cool and I read these are considered a "Witches Rosary" (so the numbers are different from the traditional Catholic beads which was at first glance what I thought they were) and I really hope Amber Hagy (Etsy shop rowansilverhorse21 A Pagan Prayer) continues to make these beautiful creations for those who like to add a little spirituality to their day or even just a unique item to their wardrobe... Thanks Again, a totally chuffed Shelle ;)

  4. I'm doing a happy dance too! This is such a great win; as Diandra said in her comment on the original post "they work like a charm". Send me your address, love, and I'll forward it the Willow Silverhorse!

  5. Send me a pic of you for a witchy backgound anytime! How fun.

  6. Send me a pic of you for a witchy backgound anytime! How fun.