Witches in Fiction Winner and The 3rd Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest

Today’s winner is… Jon
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Congrats, my Wicked Darling!

3rd Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest (Apr 15th)
  • A College Girl’s Days – “Friendship” is the first step to toward love. Well, not always; I’ve known people who have first hated each other’s guts and then go gaga over each other. However, in the case of “Douglas” and Willow, my first sentence is true.
  • Lost in Astral Space – Todays bit of Grannyism comes on the shame of a few words that imply that just because you think you are helping someone (or a cause) doesn’t mean you actually are. Oh, and while you travel to this awesome blog, check out the new super cool layout. I Luvs it!
  • Bewitching names – “Poppins” is a witchy appellation, isn’t it? Stop by and check out what this Wicked Darling has to say on the subject.

 Today’s Giveaway (April 16th)
  • What happens when science, the occult and some power-greedy people come together in a book? The Rings of Poseidon and Heat Stroke by Mike Crowson, that’s what happen. Enter today’s giveaway and meet Gill, get an e-copy of Heat Stroke, and find out how to download a free copy of The Rings of Poseidon.


Today’s Witchy Post (April 16th)
  • The Wickedest Witch of Them All (yes, moi) introduces you to her favorite witches in fiction: Elphie and Granny Weatherwax, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Ah, but did you know why? Exactly! Read today’s post for the answer to that question and for the chance to get extra entries of 3 awesome giveaways.


As always, my luvs, please let me know if you posted yesterday and I missed you in today’s digest; my magic ball has been a bit fuzzy lately ;-)

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  1. Congratulations to Jon on a wonderful win.

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  3. You lucky thing you! I'll forward your info to The Hoodoo Shop. Enjoy!

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