Witches in Fiction Winner and The 2nd Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest

Today’s winner is… Lilac Wolf
Enjoy Daughters of the Stone by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa.
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Congrats, my Wicked Darling!

2nd Wicked Darling Guests’ Digest (Apr 14th and one from the 13th)
  • Lost in Astral Space – Is Sir Terry Pratchett in your mind? Well, my Writing Night stays in mine and in The Traveler’s. Yep, she is bringing up bits of Sir Terry’s glory, through quotes that speak of Granny Weatherwax’s witchy wit and of the power of intent
  • Magic Love Crow – Witches, pushy best friends, brooms, blind dates, and crows, oh my! I can’t wait to meet Starla’s prospective darling! Wait until you see the witchy door prizes!

 Today’s Giveaway (April 15th)
  • Wanna meet Arianwen and Greta? Of course you do! Well, go enter today’s giveaway and meet two of the cool witches in An Axe Age by Delaney Carpenter.

Today’s Witchy Post (April 15th)

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  1. Congrats Lilac!!
    So busy, but will definitely have some posts for you as soon as I'm settled.

  2. What a great surprise of the day. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations to Lilac!

  4. Lilac and Lilac (I've been wanting to say that for a while so there).

    Lilac SilverFox - I hope the move is going well. Read you soon!

    Lilac Wolf - I hope you like your book, it should get to you soon!

    Mina - Just a bunch of kisses because you sooo sweet!

  5. What a great surprise of the day. Thank you!