Once upon a Witchy time… Books and Lessons

I’ve learned many lessons from family and life. This is the most important one: Regardless of how much others might believe that common blood grants them coauthoring rights to write my life tale; I’ll always be the best author for the book of my life.
My brain says I’m a writer.
My heart feels the lover within.
My all knows I’m a Witch.
I think, I write, I love and I spell—
I live…
Nothing blood does will keep me from being me.

No one knows me the way I do…
Not even you…
Especially NOT you!

Week 11 – Books
Week 12 – Family Lessons

Sherie from Dragonfly Whispers
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  1. Hi Magaly. I read this post and thought of myself. The worst critics of my lifestyle and beliefs have always been my family. First with my Paganism now with Mary. Yet I do not care. I follow my path no matter what anyone says because it is MY path to follow. I am myself and that is all I know how to be.

  2. You. are. awesome. :)

  3. Fantastic post Magaly ;o) I am the type of person, that I try to please too many people and for once in my life, I am truly being me and it feels so good! As you said, No one knows me the way I do..... ;o) Oh, I'm happy you found a bar you truly like! LOL! Hugs!

  4. Magaly, you are a powerful force to be reckoned with...always stay that way. Congrats on your wonderful win!

  5. Love this! And cheering for you still as you continue this great journaling!

    PS - I'm slightly challenged when it comes to directions, so I just wanted to let you know that my post for your Witches in Fiction party just went up!

    Head to my blog via my name, or copy & paste this link in your browser if you want a peek!


    Cheers Dahhling!

  6. Wow, you're ahead of me now LOL
    Love this piece, so touching and meaningful...and cute! :P

  7. I SO need to start making pagan art journals. So many things I wanna do, so little time!

  8. I SO need to start making pagan art journals. So many things I wanna do, so little time!