Meet this Witch: Olivia, from Be Careful What you Witch For

Olivia is the teenage daughter of a movie-star couple known for their public, and well publicized, battles. When her parents decide to reunite to make a movie overseas, Olivia gladly accepts their offer to visit her Aunt Tilda for a year. What Olivia doesn't know is that Tilda is a witch--a good one--and Olivia herself will get to test her Wiccan abilities before the year is up.

The winner of this giveaway will receive an ebook copy of Be Careful What You Witch For by Tom Hoobler. I read this novel, and can tell you that Olivia—and her ways—made me raise my eyebrows more than once.

Answer this question to enter the giveaway:
- Would you cast a love spell if you had the power to do it? Why or why not?

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The giveaway ends April 26th. The winner will be chosen April 27th.
Blurb: Olivia has come to New York to stay with her aunt for a year. She awakens one night to the sounds of singing outside and discovers that Aunt Tilda is head of a coven. When Olivia develops a crush on a boy at school, one of her aunt’s friends helps her cast a spell on him. This works so well that Olivia looks for more powerful spells in her aunt’s library. The results are disastrous, as Olivia has to repair the damage and prove that she has what it takes to become a true witch.

Snatch Be Careful What You Witch For from Smashwords, and enjoy it! 

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  1. Well I have cast a spell to bring love to a friend, nothing specific. But would I cast a spell to make someone love me? No, that messes with free will and it could bite you on the bum.

  2. I would do a huge whammy of one on bigoted people to love what they hate, on violent people to love & therefore respect & embrace what they sought to destroy, yep I think it would be cool :)

  3. I have cast love spells before but my spells were to draw love itself to the person with no particular individual in mind. My only rule in magic is to not entrap another...unless they draw first blood. There are situations that some people have it coming but generally, matters of the heart is not one of them. Generally. Now, I'll quit blabbering.

  4. I am a wicked darling!

  5. I would cast a love spell if it would bring peace. I wouldnt do it for myself because I would not want a false love.

  6. Wicked darling

  7. Tweeted lmbrunken

  8. Vanished sounds intereating

  9. No, I wouldn't cast a love spell. That would take away a person's right to choose, and karma would have to even things out eventually.

  10. tweet!/sherie09/status/62746594264621056

  11. Wicked darling