Meet this Witch: Granny Smith, from Witch Grannies

Granny Smith is the perfect grandmother. She hugs and kisses her grandkids at the slightest excuse. She’s happiest when in the kitchen, baking fresh bread in her big old range. And she’s also the strongest personality in an ancient coven of witches in Castleconnell, a sleepy village in the Irish countryside. She has never lost her connection with nature, puts family first and sees the magic in everything.

The winner of this giveaway will get a print copy of Witch Grannies: The Case of the Evil Schoolmaster by Gary J. Byrnes. This story tells the tale of a couple of sweet naughty kids and their extra witchy grannies.

Answer this question to enter the giveaway:
-  Did your grandmother ever get you out of trouble? Did she do something witchy to get you out the bind?

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- What is your favorite witchy tale for children?
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This giveaway ends April 27th. The winner will be chosen April 28th.
Blurb: A thrilling children’s novel, which is set in Ireland and perfect for anyone aged 8 to 12 who’s just discovered the joy of reading exciting fiction, but appeals to all ages. Meet Emily and Malcolm who’ve been sent to stay with their Grannies. Bo-ring! But their rickety train journey to sleepy Castleconnell in Ireland takes a decidedly nasty turn and they find themselves up to their necks in trouble.

See, there’s an evil presence on the train, an evil presence that’s been making trouble for the local youngsters. And now he needs another kid for his schemes. Emily and Malcolm are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, their grannies are on hand to sort things out. Oh, and their grannies are witches...

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  1. My Grandma was Scottish & full of superstitious learnings passed on by her ancestors... one thing she always did was to make sure on New Years Eve (after midnight Jan 1st am), the first person through the front door had to be dark-haired & have money in their pockets (she would politely block anyone who wasn't the designated 1st caller she'd organised), & also that day (Dec 31st) no one was allowed to sweep the floors as it may sweep out the luck out for the next year... I think most grannies would work some magic to get their little ones out of a bind, that's why they are so special :)

  2. Granny Annie, in Witch Grannies book 2 is classic because that's my mum's name LOL and my dad used to tell us stories of banshees (and other ghost stories) I think that was the Irish heritage full of tales, that is why although these books may be 'kid's reading' material I also think these books would be great bedtime stories to read with or to a child. Both adult & child can enjoy together!

  3. Favourite witchy tale for children - Snow White :) those dwarfs were scary though.

  4. Witch Grannies book 1, is a page turner, very enjoyable!! WARNING Age appeal may be greater than expected though LOL!

  5. My grandparents raised me so my grandma got me out of alot of situations. A few times my grandma used her special charm to get me out of trouble. Shoplifting was one time . I learned my lesson.

  6. Wicked darling

  7. I love Hansel and Gretel. the witch who lives in a gingerbread house and cooks

  8. Book one.... I love how the story tells details right down to the type of flooring. Written in good format leaving me to keep reading.

  9. Book 2.. Tell me why she was taken...more, more...


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