WELCOME... wow, so pleased you dropped by... come on in, come inside & have a seat...

Just in here, ohh...

No no no, ha ha, nooo, um, not that seat... Clarice is seating with her teddy...

She is feeling a little distressed so we better leave her, she gave Teddy an operation today and she found out he has no heart... and Clarice thought Teddy loved her... she's not sure what to do with Teddy now, so she's sitting having a think, so let's just leave her for a bit... Hey... maybe you'd like to meet mother?? She's in the attic...

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  1. Clarice is adorable!! And wishing teddy a speedy recovery!!

  2. I fell in love wit Clarice the moment I saw her. I just couldn't stop looking at her eyes; there is much trepidation, isn't there? And Teddy mimics her to the T. Then the story adds more boldness to the colors. The tone is loaded with just enough of that cool creepy I crave to read about. And the moon, oh! The moon! Doesn't make you want to grab it?

    Like I said, love at first sight: the colors, the texture, the facial expressions, the background, the prose... awesome!

  3. Sweet and succinct, love this. =)

    Reminds me of Audrey and poor Mr. Tuffington. =)

  4. Oh how eerily fun! Perfect story for a wonderful image.

  5. Oh my I love this painting of Clarice. And the name does fit her soo well. Those eyes, such haunting big eyes. The story that goes with her is wonderful. Loved it!

  6. so chilly i love it. :)

  7. Thanks for posting 'Clarice' Magaly, what a great opportunity to showcase little offerings and for the comments thank you ALL :) SueAnn, Clarice decided even though teddy was heartless he may have a soul, she's not sure how to prove this though, he's a little worried, but, he can stay... for now. John (had to read Mr Tuffington's sweet & sad micro tale & loved it -thx for the link) Mina & Tess pleased the duo (words & image) hit the dark mark inside & you enjoyed, I am so delighted to have shared Clarice via Magaly's Pagan Culture!! Thx again :))))
    PS there is so many wonderful links on this site I started writing this comment 30 minutes ago & just arrived back, but it could have easily been another 3 hours, thank goodness I'm so disciplined ;)

  8. When I see goodness, I want to share it; and you my lady, you have a whole lot of goodness ;-)