Meet these Wicked Cool Characters

Would you like to show off your wicked cool characters and the wondrous worlds they live in? Of course you would, and I want to help!

If you write urban fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance… in short, if your writing has sexy, dark and bloody bits in it, I would help to show it off. 

These is what I need from you:
- Your Wicked Cool Character’s Profile (It doesn’t have to be your main character—I love to hate villains too)
- Book cover 
- Book blurb
- Links to your blog and website (if applicable)
- Links where my Wicked Darlings can purchase your book

Would you like to sponsor a book giveaway with your post? You certainly don’t have to, but you would make a Wicked Darling (and moi) very happy. A link to the giveaway (book title and author’s name) will be displayed on my sidebar for the duration of the giveaway.

If you choose to go with a giveaway, send me the information listed above, plus your shipping restrictions (i.e. None, US only, Canada only, US and Canada only, UK only, The Moon…).

The subject of your message should read “Meet this Wicked Cool Character – Character’s Name, for the first option. If you want to sponsor a giveaway, add the world “Sponsor” at the end of your subject line.

The options listed above don’t require that I read your book. If you want my thoughts on your tale, read How to Request a Wicked Cool Character Focused Review.

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