Once upon a Witchy time...

I’m in love with words;
Fascinated by dark fiction,
Utterly in lust with sexy writing,
Intrigued by myth and bloody tales.

I can’t draw.

I joined 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling. I really wanted to draw something. I was not delusional enough to aim for eye pleasing, skillful or even staying inside the lines—I was going for identifiable. But my drawing muse must be dead; or color and shape blind. I tried, my luvs… but after my drawings began to pray for fire and shredder mercy, I decided it was time to end our misery.

In two weeks of drawing inexperience, I learned that those who can’t paint  write.

I’ll approach the artsy thing from a different angle. My revised Intention is to illustrate bits of my life, the witchy world I love, and the amazing works of those participating in Pagan Art Journaling, using the shapes and colors of my words.

Stop by Aradia’s Cauldron, let your eyes enjoy her imaginative creations; and if you are feeling artsy, go ahead and join the fun. I’ll be sure to report on your colors... soon. 


  1. I've always wished I could draw... really, so badly wanted to conjure images from pencil and paper.

    I just can't.

    I've come to terms with that, happy that I can, at least, write. =)

  2. It takes too much effort for me to draw anything identifiable... with much exercise and training and more training, I got there eventually, but it was the really, really first creative hobby I deserted when time was short... plus, it doesn't give me this satisfied WHOOOSH I get from writing.

  3. John - I usually draw, um... stick figures, if I want to set up a particular scene where I MUST know the exact location of every character. I've wished I could draw the real thing, and she their expressions, but I just can't. However, like you, I'm very happy I can write their pictures.

    Diandra - I'll try to perfect my Daisy-drawing technique, and then measure the intensity of my "WHOOOSH", but I just have a feeling that no other craft will give me the joy I get out of writing pictures ;-)

  4. I can't draw worth a darn either.

    You are a wordsmith and your words do a wonderful job of painting a great picture.


  5. I "cannot" draw either, sigh...So, I'll be really interested to see how you journal. I always have a huge inner critic bashing any of my artistic endeavors, so maybe I'll be inspired by your adventure.

  6. aw, I doubt they are as horrible as you feel!! I love drawing and writing, but cannot paint worth a faerie pinch, but I find it extremely fun and relaxing because these aren't pieces I'm doing to try and sell or anything, these are for my peace of mind in a way hehe I'm posting them today since I'm caught up now though.

    Thanks so much for pointing me to that blog, those were very beautiful cards!! I'm not on cafe press, but left a comment nonetheless. I will be doing a lilac inspired piece soon myself hehe

    Wow, so much fun!! I didn't do much of a ritual in sense, but I did do my story for you, and an Ostara drawing. I've also collected some potting soil and plan to look into planting an acorn (my mom told me to crack it open and plant as a normal seed, but she wasn't positive.) I've also collected an old ceramic floor tile (oooolld with no sealing or shine crap on it) and plan to make my pentacle tile out of it. So, fun projects to be had nonetheless. :D

  7. I wish I could draw like DaVinci but I can't. So I don't bother very often *sigh*.

  8. I think you can draw with words, because I can see images when I read your stories, it's just a different tool you use to create the image ;)

  9. Penny - You rock!

    Wendy - I'm interested too lol.

    Lilac SilverFox - I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and a practical person too--if I don't get joy out of something, I rather not do it (if I don't have to). I can't wait to see what draw. Mm, that Pentacle tile sounds good!

    Lyn - I totally understand.

    Sunshinesshelle - I knew I could draw. WoooHooo!

  10. I think your writing is every bit as beautiful as the finest painting.

  11. Mina - You are so lovely. I'm a blushing dork right now ;-)

  12. Cheers to you for even attempting! You have a whole pile of creative guts my dear!

  13. Not only can you write (and extremely well I might add), but you've got one of those magnetic personalities that just makes folks like to be around you whatever you're doing online!

    By the way, the image wasn't "mine" - I had borrowed it also, but thank you for the mention. :)

  14. Rue - according to Mina, I have really "huge ovaries" lol

    Green Witch - I'm not blushing; nah ah, I don't blush ;-)

  15. Oh you do have huge ovaries and you carry them so well. ;-)

  16. Oh you do have huge ovaries and you carry them so well. ;-)