Haiku Feast for the Dark Moon

Those ghosts from your past -
haunt my imagination -
howling at the moon

Winking moon grinning -
as you dance through silver skies -
poking out your tongue

Watching by moonlight -
mortals reach for distant stars -
fade slowly away

A squadron of moths -
fly a suicide mission -
to a shiny moon

Darkness hides aloof -
from wild and raging wind storms -
as the moon whispers

Moon peeps through buildings -
jet trail staggers through skyline -
I tighten my coat

Dainty handmaiden -
waiting on the Faerie Queen -
before the moon comes
– Chris Loft - Dark Haiku Moon

1 comment:

  1. I love every single one of these poems, but my favorite has to be the second one. I can see it; the moon grinning and winking and playfully poking her tongue out, can't you?

    She is probably full and giggling too.