Wolves and Their Lullabies

They were singing her to sleep again. Through the panned glass her wolves howled to the pregnant moon; baritones and sopranos and puppies first attempts. She could name each of them by no human tongue but by their inhuman voice.

Her wolves and their lullabies.

Past moss-laden trees, over dead leaves and the hardening earth, her wolves would lie. In her dreams she would lie with them, sleeping with ease.

Her wolves and their lullabies.

It almost felt like they were howling her to sleep. Beautiful symphonies from her wolves and their lullabies.

– Angela Sullivan - Anlynne’s Quill. Visit her Fan Fiction Page too.


  1. Beautiful sleep for sure!!

  2. I was taken by "sopranos and puppies" the imagery is really strong paradox and the words, when read aloud, sound like poetry.