Love, Blood, Yew and Moon

“I wish I didn’t have to kill, Alexandria.”

“Leonard, please!”

I hid behind the bushes and watched the man plunge a yew stake under the woman’s ribs towards her heart. 

With his fingers still curled around the part of the wood protruding out of her flesh, he looked at the sky and cried, “By love and yew your life I end, by blood and moon you’re born again!”

He yanked the stake out.

The woman screamed.

My world went black.

I blinked.


I smiled and touched my man’s face for the first time in over 150 moons. We wrapped our arms around each other, and I howled at the full Silver Mother, through stolen human lips.


  1. nice! right now wish i was a fiction character

  2. I had to read twice, but it was worth it...good job...

  3. Interesting circles; I like the specifics of yew, blood, and moon that give it a supernatural feel (along with the rebirth).

  4. I really like the dark edges... the poor victim who will never know why and Leonard's reticence to kill even though he is already in stolen flesh. There's a lot of depth to so few words.

  5. You have such a gift for drawing us in and painting a picture with such an economy of words! I'm continually amazed by you, M!

  6. I had to read it twice too, but the second time I got it. And I like it! Creepy but good story!

    P.S. I've got a chocolate giveaway going on at da blog that I thought you might like. It's just under the photos of a half-naked man wrapped in candy necklaces. :P

  7. Wow! What a powerful excerpt!! Wow again!

  8. @Melissa, Oh I've wished that many times. Then their heads get chopped off and I'm glad I wasn't them lol

    @Judy, glad you gave it a second chance and found it to be worth your while.

    @AidanF, I like to keep my fiction very real ;-)

    @John, is a complicated world, isn't it?

    @Kallan, and you continue to make me grin like a loon ;-D

    @The Blue Faery, Creepy is my middle name. Actually I don't have a middle name, but Creepy would have been cool. I'm so on my way to go for chocolate!

    @SueAnn, I enjoy your double wows ;-)

  9. I adore your writing!

  10. You just made me blush ;-)