“A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre”

My writing blog’s muse is back! I want to celebrate her return in a joyous, horrific, bloody way. The idea hit me as I browsed Pill Hill Press’s Open Calls for Submissions. They are looking for “hack-n-slash holiday” tales to include in their “extreme horror anthology”.

I don’t have a short story that fits the call, but it sounds like it would be a blast to work on something. They are asking for 1,500-4000 words, and the deadline is not until April 1st, so I have time to come up with something dark and bloody. I thought it would be interesting to share the entire process on this blog.

I’ll start by following the publisher’s suggestion, and reading Ruthless: An Extreme Shock Horror Collection, a bunch of short stories that are supposed to give me an idea of what they are looking for. I’ll start reading immediately, and I’ll review a few of the stories or the entire book sometime next week.

This is all from scratch, so my prospective story has no title, theme and I haven't picked a holiday. I’ll spend 9-12 hours a week on it, until it is finished. I’ll probably let it rest for a couple of weeks, revise, revise, revise… and then submit it. I’ll share my writing experience with you, and bug you for advice. I’m excited!

Hm, would you like to help me pick a holiday and a name for my “hacked-up” story? 

Updated 1.17.11
I finished reading Ruthless and found it okay, but I'm not sure the story I wrote fits the description of what it implies the publisher wants for Hacked-Up Holidays. I don't think I'll submit my story for this particular anthology. 

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