Happy Winter Solstice My Wicked Darlings!

May the Young Sun breathe all his brightness on us all!

I woke up at 5:13am to go meet the Young Sun, as I do every Winter Solstice. I ate my traditional orange, bundled up, stepped out of my door, and… um… the Baby Sun was nowhere to be found.

I strolled around the neighborhood, asked most living things if they had seen the Young Sun, got stares from dog owners who were probably wondering what in the gods’ names I was doing out in such cold deceivingly gloomy morning. I waved at the startled puppy walkers and pretended all of them waved back and smiled, too, even the ones who just stood there giving me the most intense this-chick-might-be-on-something-look.

I returned home a bit before 7:00am, made orange and pomegranate tea and talked to my plants about the Young Sun’s sleepy start. Then they (the plants or me or all of us) had an idea and I thought it was wonderful. I slipped into a yellow top, brushed my hair, and lit a few candles. The plants (or me or all of us) thought that would get the shy baby in the mood to shine. I had not finished lighting the last candle when the glow started to rise over the clouds. The warmth made me smile like any silly happy kid on Winter Solstice’s morning.
The Baby Sun rising over the clouds and screaming "Look at me world! Don't I shine pretty? I do! I do!"

The Baby Sun shining on the plants' faces or leaves if you must be technical.

The Baby Sun shining on my face! I... I have no leaves.

A close-up of my new pentacle and my old clavicles.

Happy Winter Solstice, Yule or whatever holiday you and yours celebrate during this season! And if you don't celebrate a particular holiday, then happy life my Wicked Darlings!
Shine on!

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