Stylish, Versatile and Lovely plus a Winner

I’m so thrilled for Pagan Culture! Our baby loves flattery and she is all smiles because Pixie, from Pixie’s Musings has called her Lovely, Stylish and Versatile. And my cute Witch even gave Pagan Culture awards to display, can you believe it?

You are one of those, huh? The see to believe type? I get it, so here is the proof:

Rules, can’t run away from them, can’t shoot them! But, no one said I can’t tweak them:
I. Thank you so much my lovely, stylish, versatile Pixie!  
II. I’ll share seven things about my wicked self, like you asked:
1.      I can’t help staring at people I find interesting
2.      I have infinite meanings for the word interesting
3.      I ate 6 oranges, 2 apples and MANY ginger cookies before writing this post 
4.      I’m addicted to the scent of my Piano Man
5.      I’m nervous about my mom moving to the US (for good)
6.      I love watching my Piano Man sleep next to me while I write in bed
7.      I Really want a puppy

Now to the rule braking! I’m distributing the awards like this: 
1.      Bone Singer Studio Blog. Visit her new website and enter the giveaway. I’m still dreaming about Tiamat.
2.      SueAnn’s Journey. I’m dying to have one of her babies. Take a look-see and you’ll see why.
3.      Stuff from Ellen’s Head. My first present to myself (when I move into my permanent house) will be a lovely window by Ellen. I can’t wait to dream through magical glass while I write.
1.      Perfectly Pagan. Very useful reviews and a bunch of good information she shares.
2.     That Witch Is True. Ah the yummy recipes and the delicious real life witchery!
1.      ~Serendipity. Every time I visit this blog, I leave feeling renewed, blissful and serene.
2.      Frosted Petunias. “Art, Whimsies & Dreams” indeed!

Dear stylish, versatile, and lovely nominees, please spread the cheer amongst your bloggy friends. 

This is the Bone Singer Studio Blog banner (a section of Tiamat). I love it so much that I needed it to show it to you. Isn't she amazing?


An the winner of the bookish giveaway is: 
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There were 29 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Anne
Timestamp: 2010-10-26 04:02:39 UTC

Congrats Anne! I hope you are as excited as I am. I’m on chapter 5 of my ARC of Across the Universe and I’ve been enjoying Sexy Witch for quite a while. They are two delectable treats. Stop by End In Dreams, my Wicked Darlings, and congratulate the lucky winner! 

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