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The last two weeks can only be described as, oh my dear Gods I’ve been freaking overwhelmed! As you can see, I’ve mastered the art of relentless whining. I blame it all on my Piano Man because he listens to my nonsense, and goes the extra mile to make me feel that working on three projects at once, having to deal with family issues, going to school full time, and being haunted by constant deadlines entitles me to feel tired, and EVEN crabby every once in a while! The man is just wicked. That must be why I love him so much, huh?

Anyway, because you deserve to know what I’ve been up to these last 13 days, and because I really love writing about myself, here is your Pagan Culture Digest:

All Hallow’s Eve State of Mind – I’ve been drooling over everybody else’s All Hallow’s Eve preparations. I stop by your blogs and see all the black and orange creepy goodness and get green with envy. But that won’t last long because I’m decorating my altar this weekend. Most of my autumn leaves are pressed and crispy, and my pumpkins and skeletons are ready to dance "The Macabre". I’m also searching for a public All Hallow’s Eve or All Hallow’s Day celebration, but I have not found anything that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

Writing Witchy Fiction – One of my latest writing obsessions is the contemporary novel length story of a young Witch who returns home after a decade long absence, to find out that she has been wrong about a bunch of things, but right about the most painful  parts of her life. Alma Mia Cienfuegos is determined, resourceful, high on energy and ready to smack the snot out of anyone who wants to treat her like dirt, and expect her to turn the other cheek. Yes, the girl has issues and I can’t wait to see how she works through them.     

Rekindled by My New Kindle – I have a new toy and I love it. I’m still getting used to its non-paper edges, but we are making progress. I should probably stop trying to figure out if my ebook reader is starting to get “that used book smell”, especially when I’m in the subway. I have the feeling that I freak people out every time I sniff my Kindle in public.

New York Comic Con 2010 – I had such a blast! Not every panel was great, but the Penguin panel and part of the EOS panel made this year’s Comic Con awesome. Plus my Piano Man suffered through one of the excruciatingly dull panels with me, and his kisses would make me smile though a teeth pulling session. I’ll write an entire post on that before the week is over (the panels, not the kisses). I believe that some of the information would interest writers and readers of fiction. This year Comic Con was not as bountiful as the last though. In 2009 I had to give things away before going home (I was living in Upstate, New York at the time), but my 2010 freebies fit in a very small bag. But I did get enough to share with my Wicked Darlings!

Sharing the Wealth – Yep, it’s a bookish giveaway!
- Across the Universe ARC by Beth Revis: I have not finished the book, but I can say that the first few chapters moved me. I SAW and FELT everything happening on the page, and my Wicked Darlings, it is powerful and organic.   
- Sexy Witch by LaSara FireFox: this book is loaded with sexy witchy fun. But I must warn you, it might change the way you think of pedicures and kitties. I didn't get this one at Comic Con, just so you know. I got it from a friend who didn't know I already had a copy, so I decided to pass it forward.

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