New York Comic Con 2010

I deserve a treat, so I'm going to New York Comic Con!
You see, these last few weeks have been insane. I’ve been writing, reading and researching like a mad woman. I’ve put a pinky finger on that sweet “I’m finally caught up!” moment once or twice, but the pleasure hasn’t lasted for more than a minute. For that is about how long it takes before I notice that another school assignment is due soon, and that I won’t make my weekly self-imposed word count if I don’t jump on my laptop immediately. The feeling of constantly being almost behind can be draining.

I need rekindling. My Piano Man has become my steady source of energy. My man knows how to pump me up, and keep me going, in ways I didn’t think possible. I’ve been in relationships where a partner has made me feel guilty about how much time I spend writing, studying, or both. I’ve heard it all: “You care for words more than you care for me” “You would probably sleep with that computer if you could”, and my personal favorite “When you write nothing else exists. What am I doing here?” The last one can get so freaking annoying and heartbreaking that it has driven me to reply “Yes, what the f*** are you doing here?”

Things are different with my Piano Man, and I thank the Gods every day for him. He encourages me and has NEVER made me feel like I have to choose between my love for writing and LOVE. He also enjoys some of the things I have come to love because of writing. New York Comic Con is the perfect example. We are thrilled about this weekend! The other night, he asked me what panel I wanted to attend, in order to add them to his favorites. I squealed with delight. Aren’t I the luckiest witchy writer of them all? No, that wasn't a trick question, my Wicked Darlings. The answer is yes! Yes! Yes!

Oh, here are the panels I’m attending, just in case you want to add them to your favorites too *squealing again*: Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: Shapeshifters and Paranormal Romance, Penguin YA and Adult Authors Talk Monsters, Myths, and Mayhem in Literature, and Publisher Spotlight: HarperCollins – Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and Paranormal List Leaders. 

We are also considering MAD about MAD!, Note to Spider-Man IV Movie People: Be True to Your Parker!, A Geek's Guide to Podcasting and Blogging, Fantasy Writers Panel, and a few others. But you know how that works. As much as we want to spend every hour of this weekend at Comic Con, my Piano Man has to use his magic fingers to make music, and I need to study and write.

I’ll keep you updated. I will also share pics and some of the goodies I collect at Comic Con! 

If you are going, do shoot me an email. We can meet and be happy-go-geeky together ;-)

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