All Hallow’s Eve Gift Ideas

Are you the friendliest Witch of them and all? Do you have 13 gazillions of non-Pagan friends? Are you a wicked wild Witch, like moi, who is doing it outside Paganism?

If you answered yes to any of the prior questions you are probably hearing the next question, A LOT: “Um… what do you give a Witch for Halloween, I mean, what do you call the Witches' New Year again?”   

There are as many answers to that question as there are Witches in the world. Any idea of how many that might be? No? Oh well, don’t feel too bad, no one knows. One day someone (a psychic?) might come up with a number, but I doubt this seer would know exactly what every Witch wants for All Hallow’s Eve. I’ll use my witchy self as an example. I like things that come straight from the heart. Note to the funny tricksters out there: if you send me blood, heartaches or something resembling coronary artery disease, I promise to be very pissed!      

I like things that my family and friends see and immediately think of me. For instance, a couple of years ago someone got me this postcard: 
Yep, I hate cigarettes that much. And the wand, under it, I got a few weeks ago from my Princess (my Piano Man’s daughter) who said “Pink always makes me think of you, you should have this wand.” I also inherited one of her bunnies through the same pink theory. I will always treasure the postcard, the wand, and the bunny, for I know these two individuals were really thinking of me when they gave me those presents. They know I’m a pink lover and a cigarette hater.

This year’s All Hallow’s Eve gifts are trickling in. I got this sweet bag from a friend who would not allow me to tell you who she is. But I’ll still say that she writes amazing dark fiction, and I want to be just like her when I grow up. 
I also got Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2011, from two different people! They said it was okay to share, so I’ll post the giveaway as soon as the bookish giveaway is over (October 25th).  

And speaking of giveaways, look what I got from Tricky Fox Designs. Isn't my witch owl precious? Thanks so much Kandes!
I still have friends emailing me and asking, what should I get you for the Witches’ New Year? I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Not because I’ll get some goodies (and that makes me very giggly), but because ten years ago no one other than my Pagan friends would care to ask. We are not THERE yet, my Darlings, but we’ve come a WICKED long way!

You might have noticed that I didn’t answer the original question. It was not a mistake. I just don’t know what every Witch wants for All Hallow’s Eve. And the things I want are as Eclectic as my witchy heart:
A night of creepy tales with the ones I love
A pressed autumn leaf
An old thing my beloved picked up at thrift shop
A gross ghost story
A strange dream
A pink skull
A stranger nightmare
A pig with wings
A bottle of wine in a graveyard
A thoughtful looking frog
A bunch of pictures of hilarious epitaphs
A little or big something that makes you shout,
“Magaly will go nuts when she sees this!”

What do you want for All Hallow’s Eve, my Wicked Darlings?

Oh, I almost forgot! The pumpkin and skeleton (on the first pic) was my first All Hallow's Eve 2010 present (from my landlady).

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