Write a Post, Feed a Puppy!

I was just at Judy's Photos lusting over her Moons on Canvas, when I stumbled into a great post: "Pedigree for the dogs". Judy is inviting everyone to write a post and feed a puppy. I want to extend such a humane invitation. You don't have to do much, just something you already do and love: BLOG, my Wicked Darlings! 
"For each blog that posts about the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive through September 19th, PEDIGREE® will donate a bag of their new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to shelters nationwide. It’s simple: Write a post, help a dog." 
Stop by Live With Dogs and add your post link to a list of wicked good people who care so much about the furry ones that they have honored them by spreading the word. Can't wait to go there and see the link to your blog. I'm serious, I'm going to check ;-)

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