I’m Falling Out of Love…

…with an author.

Did you whimper a little thinking my Piano Man and I were having problems? Well, SMILE my Wicked Darlings, because if my Piano Man and I were more IN love, we would probably get arrested for indecent exposure.  

I’m falling out of love with one of my favorite authors. Sorry, I’m not ready to tell you who she is. I’m hoping she’ll fix her ways, so that her upcoming releases and I can enjoy many long delicious dark, bloody, thrilling nights of adventure.     

Our relationship started in 2000-something. She came out of nowhere and created a world of fantasy that felt so real, I just couldn’t get enough of her writing. Then, early this year, I read one of her latest books and I couldn’t believe what she had done to the main character of her series. She made the character into a fake, self-righteous, absolutely not believable, hero. My maybe-ex-favorite-author-to-be placed her hero in a scene where the his entire family and best friend were about to be killed by the villain. All the hero had to do to save his loved ones, was drown the villain.  

But the hero didn’t drown the villain because the hero was afraid that would make him a "bad person". Okay, I thought as I read. Then all of the sudden, the villain changed his mind (for no particular reason within the story) and didn’t kill the hero’s family and best friend. 

Then a chapter later, the book ended.

I stared at the blank page at the end of the book, looking for an explanation. There was nothing. I reread the last three chapters, to see if I had missed something. Nope, nothing, the villain just changed his mind and the hero’s family and best friend had a happy ending.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE happy endings. But stupid, unreal, unjustified endings, annoy me, regardless of how happy they might be. This author has a new book out. I haven’t bought it; I doubt I will. I'm not even all that interested in seeing it. I might open it if I ever bump into it while browsing at the bookstore. I might even check it out, if my public library ever gets it, but I doubt I'll spend a dollar on it. 

Have you fallen out of love with an author you used to adore? If so, what killed the flame? 

Not killing a villain for fear of a bad reputation. What kind of lame-ass hero is that anyway! 

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