Pagan Culture’s Substance

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word substance?

When I first read it, I thought about spirit, structure, elemental composition… and about all the other things that make a whole. Then I stumbled upon “Pagan Culture: Oodles of talent rolled up in a beautiful ball…” and started asking myself What feeds my "oodles of talent"? What gives Pagan Culture substance?

I spent 3 weeks thinking about those questions, which should give you an idea of just how distracted I have been lately. For at a different time in my life, it would not have taken me more than 13 seconds to figure out that Pagan Culture’s Substance comes from you my Wicked Darlings. I’m almost sure that Penny, AKA La Diosa del Desierto Corazon and creatrix of Peace, Love and Zombies, knew all this when she said that Pagan Culture was A Blog With Substance. Thanks for the award, my beloved zombie girl, and for reminding me that great things are made of wicked good substance!
And now to the real substance… well, I have been known not to follow many award rules, but this time I’m going to, just to keep you on your toes. Yes, I’m wicked that way. I already thanked Penny, which was the first award requirement. For the second, I will sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation… using 10 words: "Everyday life through the eyes of an Eclectic Pagan writer". That was freaking easy! Now to the difficult part because most of you are freaking awesome, except for that guy who told me that I was going to burn in a very horrible place. He is not awesome at all; he has issues.

Here are my 10 nominees:
1. bgNYC
2. ecoMILF
3. fever
4. Following the Willowisp
6. Janicu’s Book Blog
7. Marcia Colette
8. stuff in ellen’s head
9. The Sauce
10. The Woodland Witch

I’m already tired of following the rules, so here is where it all ends. So my dear nominees, you are welcome to visit Peace, Love and Zombies and follow the original award rules. Or you can search in your eclectic hearts and do whatever the heck you want to spread the substance. I just love the idea of a world where people live any way they want, as long as their wants don’t end up making others miserable. And if what you do annoys a few, just because they are freaking boring, I invite you to do what I do: ignore them, be yourself, love all those who you want to love, eat Dulce de Leche ice cream until your tummy hurts, run ten miles until your feet hurt too, and then find someone with a yummy looking butt who rubs all your aches away!

Don't forget to visit all the nominees, so that you can see what makes them so freaking awesome. Then come back here and tell me which of their posts you liked most, and your name will be added to the Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday #16 Early List!

The Hottest Eclectic of Them All is back and feeling extra wicked!

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