Banterings of a Basketcase

I had planned to wait until next Tuesday before I TOUCHED K Odell, from Banterings of a Basketcase, but something changed my mind. I was browsing through your blogs (yes my luvs, I get my regular fix even when I don’t have enough time to leave comments). Anyway, I was spying on K’s cyberhouse and noticed she had blogged about summer thunderstorms. It just happened that the Piano Man and I had been discussing a thunderstorm that purified our neck of the woods last Sunday afternoon. In fact, I had just texted my darling to inform him that NPR had announced that the thunderstorm was actually a tornado!

K blogged about how much she loved summer thunderstorms, and I couldn’t help but wonder if she would have enjoyed the 100mph twister that sent my wet curls flying out of control, as it cleansed my witchy soul one windy-wet-smack at the time.

Some of you are probably thinking “You insane Eclectic Witch! What were you doing out in a freaking tornado?” while others are green with good old envy, wishing you were the ones who had the chance to enjoy the wondrous—yet terrifying—touch of the Great Mother’s extra windy love. I was outside for about a minute, but I could spend hours describing the awesomeness of the feeling that experience provided.

I’ll write a post describing that amazing moment, in all its thrilling greatness. I could just tell my family and friends about it, but I feel like I need a bigger audience. K would know exactly why, for she started to blog because she just had too “much to say about everything, and she didn’t want to torment the population around her with her constant babbling”. She used to “post a note or two” on different social networks or “write the editorial section in a newspaper, and that was nice”, then her mom introduced her to blogging and K fell in love with a new way to be spontaneous and creative. 
She began to write just for herself, but soon figured out that the whole "I don't really care if people read me or not" idea, was nothing but a load of crap. Today, she feels “so good when someone comments on her posts!” K particularly loves comments on posts about Tobin, Nolan and Delany, her wonderful children.

The Banterings of a Basketcase goddess enjoys reading other bloggers’ goodness too. She feels “some connection to each of the ones she subscribes to”, but when she is in “the mood for a bit of comic relief”, she clicks on Hyperbole and a Half. I’m on my way there to look for some exaggerated giggles.
Please check out Banterings of a Basketcase and tell K hello for me. And if you come back to here to tell me which of K’s post was your favorite, I’ll add your name to Touched by Pagan Culture #16 Early List.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have a message from K to the Wickedest of all Darlings:
 “I’m happy to have met other wickedly amazing people who inspire me. I am thrilled that many are putting a good face to the word Pagan or Witch.”
Can’t wait to read you my Wicked Darlings!

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