"Saving Africa's Witch Children"

"Canela, do you have HBO?" Asked a very important person in my life who has insisted in calling me ‘cinnamon’, in Spanish, since the first day he laid eyes on me, some time back.

You guys already know that I don’t even cable, so of course my answer was a short “No.”

He should have expected my reply because he knows me enough, but we hadn’t seen each other in a while and being an intelligent person, he didn’t jump to conclusions. “I didn’t think so. There was a documentary “Saving Africa’s Witch Children”; it broke my heart. You should check it out if you can.”

We met shortly after our text message exchange and I explained that I had seen the documentary showing how some terrible people abused, maimed, and murdered children in the name of Jesus Christ. I also told him that it is not a new occurrence, or an event exclusive to the Nigerian village where the documentary takes place; many innocents have been burned, lobotomized, exorcized… in the name of a God. Think Salem, or don’t, for it might not be worth the pain.

A few days have passed since that conversation, and I’ve done my best not to think about it. Yes, sometimes I can be a coward too, but can you blame me? “Nigeria’s perverted Christianity on Saving Africa’s Witch Children” makes me sick to my stomach. It almost makes me want to find those so called Evangelical Christian criminals, who hide behind fake religious beliefs, and “drill a nail through their skull” to see if the stupidity and the evilness leaks out. But I’m an Eclectic Witch and I’m better than that. I know all life is precious, even the one housing their rotten souls. My belief system is rooted on the knowledge that I can do what I wish as long as I don’t harm anyone; I believe that all the way to my bones.

But this Golden Rule is not restricted to Paganism or to religious people; it is in the soul of every good person. Proof is found in the fact that my dear friend is Jewish, but he is sickened by the religion inspired violation of Nature as much as I am.

This post might read a bit distorted, but I can’t help the rambling. It is difficult to focus on writing and sobbing at the same time. I made the mistake of watching part of the documentary last night and wake up shaking, angry and in tears. I understand why my friend said that I should watch it, but I don’t advise you the same; not if your mind works like mind and you are incapable of forgetting images you have attached to a particular emotion. But please DON’T ignore the horror either. You can read more about it here, here and here. And if you want to approach the issue from a different angle, read “Witch Child” by Diandra.

Now I’m going to light a candle and pray for the souls of the victims. I’ll pray for mine too, for it is heavy with anger toward the perpetrators, and that nasty feeling keeps me from thinking about a way to help.

Can you think of way to help the “witch” children?  

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