I Give Up! You Are Right; My Life IS Amazing.

I’m moving. AGAIN. I know you are probably screaming on my behalf. The Gods know I was livid when I realized that relocation was inevitable. I didn’t want to let go of my beautiful studio, but when health and comfort are on the line, there is no compromise. I liked my fireplace, even though it didn’t give out real heat. I was already attached to the bar looking thingy because it was hip (am I the only one who still says cool things are hip?). And the thing I’ll miss the most, for I absolutely LOVE it, is the kitchen. It is huge and comfortable, which is a rare commodity in the NYC area; unless you are rich, but we all know this Eclectic Witch is broke!

I will miss my neighbors, but we’ll stay in touch, so that comforts me. Wanna know what else comforts me? Okay, it doesn’t just comfort me, it feels me with joy! It’s my NEW deck. And my NEW breathtaking view of the harbor. And the windows all around my NEW loft. And my NEW grill. And my NEW working fireplace! And the my NEW awesome landlords who have threatened to fix me up with their best friend, an Architect Gone Painter and sailor enthusiast, whom they are convinced I won’t be able to resist. I think they’ve already picked the wedding date and the colors *grin*; the rest details for the grand occasion will be discussed on our first sailing trip. Yes, they are taking me out in their boat, and although I have tons of school work (summer school is a killer) I agreed to go. I’m blaming it on the champagne we drank to celebrate the delight of new friends. 

I can’t wait to show you pictures of the new place. I was going to wait and attach then to this post, but I got so excited that I needed to share the news immediately. But I’ll get one pic from landlord’s website, just because I need you to see the ivy covered Victorian villa that will be my new home. I stood in front of the place (for a while) having difficulties breathing; it’s that beautiful. The housed is an Eclectic Wild Witch’s dream.
My loft is on the back, in front of the trees! Oh, and wait till I tell you about the dog…

I had titled this post “Fate Can Be Ruthless, But She Rarely Disappoints Me”. Then I read it again and giggled. Fine! I laughed really loud. I thought about those of you who said I should write my memoirs because my life is so amazing (and very entertaining at times) and how I’m always saying that you guys are insane for thinking that. I thought about some of the things/events, which make my life interesting:
-I grew up in the country with no plumbing or electricity.
-I didn’t have a TV until I was a teenager, which I believe started my love affair with books.
-I got a scholarship out of high school, but gave it up to become a United States Marine.
-I was the first one in my immediate family to get a college degree.
-I’m a girly girl who can fix guns and knows how to use them (hey I like this one!).
-I was run over by a four-wheeler, but I still can run a half marathon!
-I worked for a US president for a short while.
-I was a case manager for the most motivated clients/patients in the world. I miss them.
-I’m surrounded amazing friends.
-I have an AMAZING family.
-People like me and I like most of them.
-Whenever my life starts to really suck, something AMAZING happens and I start smiling again.

There is more, but I don’t want to brag too much… in just one post ;-)

I’m grateful. Fate is smiling on me, and that makes me giggle with bliss. So you are right my Wicked Darlings, my life is AMAZING and I’m loving every minute of it!

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