Beauty and Worth Are in the Eye of the Beholder

I’m absolutely crazy about my ivy covered witchy dream. So when a friend of mine who lives in the city came to visit last Sunday, I immediately took her to see my paradise to be. I wanted to show it off. Yes, I’m a shameless Witch!

We stood in front of the house, and I spread my arms wide and smiled with my entire face. “Isn’t it wonderful? Look at all those flowers. And the top of that tree” I pointed at huge mulberry tree “goes all the way to the window next to my bed. I still can’t believe my luck!” I was drunk with pride.

“Aren’t you afraid of bugs and snakes?” My friend looked bewildered.

“What!” I probably sounded bewildered times a few millions.

“And have you noticed how loud those birds are?” her eyes opened wider with every word. “How much are you paying for this again? I hope is not a lot; this jungle can’t be worth much.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. How could anyone not want to be awakened by birdsong in the morning? Or run into a harmless skittish garden snake every once in a while? Or just look out of the window and be greeted by Nature at Her best?

Then I remembered my friend’s delight when she showed me her studio apartment, and how I thought that she was insane for living in the heart of New York City’s incessant madness. My friend loves her place. I, on the other hand, know that my spirit would grow dull if I had to live that far away from greenery and wildlife. I would probably pay extra for the singing birds, a couple of frogs, and even for a silly little snake or two. Oh, and I can’t even begin to explain the joy that fills my soul every time I think about my deck! Can you say potted herbs and veggies? What about early meditation sessions under the kiss of the morning sun? Or late one-on-one encounters with the silvery touch of the moon? Oh the bliss…  

I told my friend that I actually pay about a third of what she pays for her place, which by the way is smaller than mine. She still thinks that I’m psychotic for choosing to live so far away from the city. I think she is crazy (not to mention partially deaf) because she can practically spit into a subway station, from her bedroom window, and make it every time. 

We both believe that our studios are beautiful and worth even more than what we are paying for them. And you know what? We are both right, for beauty and worth are in the eye of the beholder. This eclectic witchy beholder likes it natural and wild!

How do you like your dwelling my Wicked Darlings?   

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