I'm Loved So I Don't Mind Being Predictable

I was chatting with a Wicked Darling who made me laugh so much that I wanted to share the exchange with the rest of you. 

Wicked Darling: "You must be doing some heavy thinking right now."

Eclectic Witch: Kind of, but how did you know?"

Wicked Darling: "You are messing with your blog layout and tweaking your profile description."

Eclectic Witch: "Ha! I'm freaking predictable! Or you have way too much time on your hands."

Wicked Darling: "Maybe both, but I think that I've just learned to love you through your blog. Your charm is infectious. My kids tease me because I include you in our prayers even though I've never met you."

Eclectic Witch: "That's sweet *sniff, sniff*. Tell the Wicked Babes that I'll burn the incense they sent me for my birthday, during my Midsummer dance."

Wicked Darling: "Wicked Babe X thinks it might smell funky because she used fresh lavender."

Eclectic Witch: "I'm sure it will smell delightful to me just because they made it."

Wicked Darling: "I'll let her know. Better go now, Wicked Babe Y is trying to teach one of the ferrets how to fly!"


This is one of the reasons why certain article about online relationships pissed me off so much. I have never really met this Wicked Darling, but I can tell you that we are friends. We have been for almost a year. I chat with her and her kids at least once a week. I've helped her Wicked Babes with their homework (the oldest one chose the nickname lol), and in those times when I really need a friend she is usually the first one to step up. Okay, that is not true, usually Pixie jumps on it first, but that's because I'm almost sure she has my house (or my mind, or my laptop) bugged!  

I think that it is extremely sweet that you guys have gotten to know me better than those around me. Maybe is because I'm quite open to share my life through my writing. Or maybe I'm just predictable. I don't  really care about the reasons too much, I'm just really glad I have you in my life, even if I never get to tell you face to face.

I'm loved and I like it, so I don't mind being predictable!

Read you around my Wicked Darlings ;-)

At least some of them do...

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