Ginger Tea for Cramps, for Colds and for Taste

I grew up drinking ginger tea, but I didn't think of it as remedy for anything until I started menstruating. Before that I drank it to get rid of the aftertaste left in my mouth by goat tea, a nasty potion my mom used to force on me when I was a child, under the claim that it would keep me worm free. Goat tea tasted so horrible that it would make me gag until I sipped the first bit of liquid ginger blessing.

Then I got my first period and the excruciating pain that came with it. I screamed and wanted to bang my head against the wall. I wouldn't eat. My mom used to bribe me with ice cream and wheat soda mixed with condensed milk (I really LOVE that stuff), but as soon as I was done drinking my bribe the pain and the screaming would resume. One day my mom wasn't home to buy me wheat soda or condensed milk, so my grandma made me some ginger tea instead. She knew I LOVED that stuff too. A few cups of ginger goodness changed me from screamer to smiler. The cramps didn't disappear completely, but they became dull and bearable.

I stack up on ginger root as soon as I start feeling the back pains and hot flashes, which remind me that being a woman is a glorious blessing, but not the easiest job.

This is my recipe:

-One inch of ginger root
-3 cups of water
-Brown sugar

Slice the ginger root very thin. Place the slices in 3 cups of boiling water, turn off the heat, and let it simmer for 28 minutes. Add brown sugar to taste.

I also drink ginger tea when I have a cold, but I replace the sugar with honey and add a bit of fresh lime juice.

I'm not against using chemicals for treating illnesses, but I'm Pagan, so I like to stay as close to Nature as possible; ginger helps!

Do you have any tasty NATURAL medicinal secrets? If you do, please share them with your fellow Wicked Darlings and the readers of Pagan Blog Prompts (the inspiration behind this post). 


  1. Connie Mitan12/29/2011

    I've known about Ginger tea for colds, but not for pain. I had also never thought to put brown sugar in it (always do honey around here). Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Ginger is a wonderful root, isn't it? 

  3. Ginger for tummy aches, too! As a kid, the 'magic drink' for flu was flat ginger ale - I had to discover the joys of fresh ginger tea later as an adult. ;)

    1. Flat ginger ale sounds like something I would want to drink even when I don't have a cold. Yum!

  4. I haven't tried ginger tea, but eat candied ginger like it's going out of style when my insides are upset. Mint tea with honey & lemon for sinus'.

    1. So weird how our bodies reacts to the same things--sort of like life, isn't it? I, for instance, I'm allergic to mint.

  5. Now that my active Moon Days are over, I blessedly don't need to soothe my femininity.

    Ginger is not one of my favorite tastes. But, I do use a Comfrey Root concoction for colds and congestion. Sore throats are treated to hot Lemon and Honey.

    1. I'm going to make some warm lime and honey, right now. For yumminess and for remedy. ;-D