Feeling Freaking Good and Missing my Wicked Darlings

I'm taking a short break from schoolwork because I've been at if for so long that my brain is beginning to jumble everything together, and that's a big no-no. I figured that I should stop by and tell you that I miss you and that I've been thinking about you quite a bit, particularly (not sure why exactly) about Sarita, Pixie, Cogent, Marcia, Emma, SueAnn, MouseDemon, Diandra, Anlynne, Spirit Phoenix... and a few others who have something new going on in their lives (and nosy little me wants to know all about it) or just because I have some dirt on you I want to share it with the world. Just kidding about the dirt bit ;-)

Anyway, my last day of studying for final school projects was made a bit less stressful by two professors. They were nice enough to realize that students have lives too (or at least some of us want to pretend we do) and they went ahead and gave extensions to turn in work. That's one of the things making me feel freaking good. The other reasons, which are even better than that, have to do with fiction and life and I'll tell you all about them later.

That's all for now my dears. I'm going to make a cup of tea and then go back to reading poetry about death. But don't feel too bad about me, you do know that your favorite Eclectic Witch (yes, I'm your freaking favorite!) is fascinated by the gonners, and by how society reacts to those who no longer suck on the MEGA polluted gas that tricks us into believing we are actually alive. I might hate poetry with a passion, but poems about death kind of liven me up *grin*

So, is there something (e.i. activity, object, person...) that tends to get you in a good mood, but when you tell people about it they give you a look that says "You have serious issues!"?

Tell me about it and I'll reward you by smiling my biggest smile. That's not enough? Fine then! Sharing will win you an extra entry for Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday #14.

Can't wait to read and reply to all of your comments, and to visit your cyber homes. Read you soon my Wicked Darlings!

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