Dreaming of Rosemary

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS GreekWitch! Yes, my dears, our dearest GreekWitch got handfasted! I was kind of mad because I didn't get an invitation to the Pagan wedding, but I forgave her as soon as she said "We were alone. We were humble. We were in love." So sweet *sniff, sniff* I've always said that the only thing you need for a perfect wedding is a couple madly in love with each other. Congratulations again my Wicked Darling, I wish you love, laughs and you know what else is coming, GREAT sex!

I just love handfastings! I want to jump the broom in the summertime, under Hekate's dark moon, at the edge of a river, in a circle of red candles and white daisies. Me and the owner of my heart... plus the family members and friends who manage to figure out, in time, that I gave them wrong directions (on purpose). Wait a minute... I got on a handfasting state of mind and totally tried to steal the GreekWitch's thunder. Sorry. Shame on me.

This post is not about my dreams of warm summer nights at a riverbank with the hottie who makes me weak in the knees, no, this is all about Dreaming of Rosemary because the GreekWitch was Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday!. Can you smell the herbal goodness? Maybe you can't, but you can at least read about it.

Dreaming of Rosemary began because our lovely GreekWitch wanted to "share her path with other Pagans". Then things changed; what started as a simple exchange of knowledge and ideas over the internet "worked its way up to psychotherapy and then evolved into a need." See? I told you I wasn't the only one hooked on YOU my Wicked Darlings. You guys are just freaking addictive.

Know what else is addictive? Doing magic. Oh yes, once you start dropping herbs and things of the sort into a cauldron you can't stop. It becomes part of you; so  much that some people might start believing that you are not all there; they might even try to fix you. That was kind of what happened to our GreekWitch when she started doing witchy things with candio, wax, glitter, rose petals...

Why don't you go ahead and stop by Dreaming of Rosemary? Read "Magical Rose Petals Are Not a Reason for Immediate Hospitalization!" and leave the GreekWitch a comment about a time you did something (magical or nonmagical) that made someone believe that something had to be wrong with you, just because they didn't get it. Come back to this post and paste the same comment, and I'll add your name to the Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! #15 early list.

One last thing, our sweet GreekWitch wanted to share that she is on diet and that "Cravings really suck!" Please wish her luck, for there is nothing more difficult to do than to convince your body that it is good to eat healthy, when all it wants to do is feast on sweet, salty, fatty, delicious junk. Good luck my newly handfasted Witch!

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