Bliss, Affliction, Balance

First things first, school will be practically over on May 13th, and I'll have time to show my Wicked Darlings all kinds of COMMENT love and Pagan Culture attention! 

And now to the last few days in my life...

The last few days have been unexpectedly blissful. All the changes: the relocation, busy writing, the untimely death of two friends... made me think that things were going to be difficult for a while. I was ready to tough it out, but to my HUGE surprise things are WAY better than I would have hoped for. My fiction writing is flowing beautifully; I have even dipped my pen into a new genre and I'm feeling SUPER comfy about it. I made some AMAZING friendships in and out of school; and certain person jumped into  my life and has the innate SUPERPOWER to make me grin and giggle about the silliest of things.

Yesterday I met with a study group in the morning, and then went to T.G.I. Friday's in the evening, and I had so much fun afterwards that I might be willing to forgive The Guide because the T.G.I. Friday's in question was closed; at 9:00pm! But everything turned out MORE than okay. We went to this wonderful Mexican place that didn't have my favorite shrimp fajitas, but served the best Margarita Shrimp I've ever tasted. And their PiƱa Colada was so yummy that I almost finished the whole thing (in case you guys don't know my liquid intake abilities sucks butt!). 

Then we went to this super cozy lounge with a live Brazilian band. The music and the ambient ROCKED, but the lead singer couldn't dance if her life depended on it. She seemed to have missed the Brazilian-women-have-some-of-the-best-hips-ever train. That was a little rude, huh? But what can I say? I'm just being honest, and to be more honest, there were times when she was doing something with her body that made me reach for my phone to dial 911. I thought the woman was having a seizure. But the wine, the warmth of the place and the overall effect to the music was so SOOTHING that if the woman would have actually had a seizure, she would probably croaked before anyone noticed. Horrible, I know, but we (meaning me) do tend to get distracted when we (me again) are having an awesome time. I didn't go to bed until 5:00am! 

Today, I woke up and started writing my little witchy butt off to make sure that I didn't fall behind. I'm so GLAD I did! At 4:00pm or so, I was revising a rather interesting paper on how giving hope affects terminally ill patients, while someone took over my kitchen and made awesome baked cauliflower and mushrooms, to accompany pan fried steak that tasted like the Gods had dissolved all Their goodness into different herbs, just so that we could savor godly delight.  

It was a good afternoon, and an even better evening...

Then I was driving my car when I almost ran over a half-dead raccoon. One of the poor thing's little legs was twitching in a heartbreaking way. I wanted to stop, pick it up, and nurse it back to health. But it was on a very dangerous area, and if I had tried to get out of the car, I would have probably been left half-dead and twitching too. 

I dropped my friend off and headed home... for about 5 minutes. The thoughts of the agonizing animal made me turn around. By the time I got back to the place the poor beast was, well... I rather not say. It got home feeling sad and guilty, wondering how could a great day ended in such a horrible note. I sat on my futon feeling terrible. Then I lit a candle and prayed for The Wild God to receive the poor animal's soul. Then I remembered something my friend said, "Don't be sad. It was probably its time to die." My friend was right, everything happens for a reason, for FATE won't be denied, regardless of what we say or do.

So I'm back at feeling blissful after my moment of affliction. I was reminded that the circle of life needs a bit of everything in order to remain balanced. 

I miss you to pieces, my Luvs. I used to believe that blogging was an addiction and I was WRONG; your input, warmth and all the positive energy you send my way, are the REAL sources of my dependency. I can't wait to go back to my steady fix!

What have you been up  to my Wicked Darlings? Tell me something sweet, unremarkable, loving, unexpected, dangerous, sexy, intellectual, goofy... tell me anything, for I feel like feeding on those wonderful little nothings that make life worth living.


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