Thirteen Things I Honestly Love

My Father

My nieces and nephews and their ability to think that I can do no wrong, specially my 20-year-old  boy who already discovered that I'm actually human, and that I've used my Gods' given right to screw up beyond belief  more times than I care to account for

Animals and plants

Really good sex with the guy I love

Spreading Pagan Culture and getting the old, now very familiar, "Oh my God, I didn't know that. I thought Paganism was a thing of the devil, but what you just described is actually cool."

Writing sexy, dark, bloody, magical fiction that makes readers think about reality

Reading fiction that makes me think and that gets my juices flowing. Yes, I wrote juices.

Dancing for hours in front of the mirror

People who are true to themselves and to the rest of the world

Cooking simply delicious meals and sharing them with someone I love

Nature and everything She gives us even if many of us don't quite deserve it

Lazy Sunday mornings in the arms of the guy of my dreams

Thunder and lightning in front of a lake on a pitch black night

A sexy English accent

Fruit, candy, ice cream, strawberry wine, caramel, chocolate, toasted coconut, cheddar cheese, plátanos, coffee, sancocho, cake...


I love getting awards from my Wicked Darlings! I like knowing that my luvs around the World Wide Web think of me when they don't necessarily have to. It makes me happy to read that they appreciate the honesty of my posts, even if they don't agree with everything I have to say. I love that you love me NOT because I'm perfect, but because you know I'm NOT.

Thank you so much Willow Silverhorse and Jon! You guys make my witchy heart want to dance happily naked in front of the mirror for days.
I follow a lot of honest and super interesting blogs, but there is a particular one that always makes me open my eyes a bit wider. I haven't read every single post on this blog, but I can tell you that the ones I have read, usually make me cock my head to the left and nod in agreement. I want to pass the Honest Scrap Award to LJ, my really good friend at A Racing Mind. I warn you though, LJ has "flying monkeys and [she's] not afraid to use them"!

And to continue the celebration of my witchy love for my Wicked darlings, I want to announce the winner of Pagan Culture's 313 Wicked Darlings Giveaway! 

If I had a drum, it would be going crazy right now, but I don't so you'll have to pretend:
The Winner is FairWillow!
Congratulations my poetic serendipitous friend!

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