Social Network Drama

Prospective Friend 1: “I’m not sure if you noticed yet, but I sent you a friend request on MySpace and you didn’t agree to be my friend.”

Magaly: “I received the request and was planning to reply and let you know I can’t add you. I just don’t feel comfortable adding someone whose nickname is X-rated. Sorry.”


Prospective Friend 2: “Would you add me on Facebook? I want to follow your stuff there too, but my wife gets upset when I friend pretty women like you *wink, wink*”

Magaly: “You have serious issues *pig, pig*  


Current Friend: “I’m not on your top friends.”

Magaly: “I know. I kind of only add people who have me on their top friends. It feels right.”

Current Friend: “Gloria Trevi doesn't have you on her top friends.”

Magaly: “The rules don’t apply to my favorite singer.”

Current Friend: “What about that Cogent Ascending chick? She doesn’t have you on her top friends.”

Magaly laughing like an insane person: “Um, the chick is a dude, and the rules don’t apply to him either. He’s fabulous, disturbingly funny, outrageously real, and he was my first MySpace friend. Every time I see his tiny retro-almost-naked-girl profile pic I remember why I’ve chosen to dance to the beat of my own drum.”

Current Friend: “I didn’t know you did drum dancing.”

Magaly rolling her eyes as she types: “Bye.”


Yes, my Wicked Darlings, life and politics aren’t the only things full of ridiculous moments! Do you have some social network drama to share? 

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