Me vs. College

How long has it been my Wicked Darlings? A while, huh? Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! is back and I'm thrilled to reach out and TOUCH Jon Morgan from Me vs. College.
 Jon is an 18-year-old college student whose words have made me think that he may be 118. Me vs. College is much more than a blog about Jon’s “life as a college kid.” Posts like “May I Be A Wallflower?” and “Cleansing Fires”, which by the ways are Jon’s old time favorites, make me wonder if that sweet teenage smile is hiding all the experience of a wise old man.

He blogs because he “simply loves it”; he loves the fact that he has “met so many wonderful people and experienced wonderful things” in the blogosphere. Jon started blogging to keep a record of his “life as a college” student, but soon started exploring other topics and realized that he just LOVE sharing his adventures with us all. I'm glad he decided to do so; Jon's posts and the comments he leaves on the blogs he follows come straight from the heart. 

Jon has one question for his fellow Wicked Darlings: “How great is Magaly???”

My daddy says I’m awesome, and I believe him! What say you my loves? Feel free to use your white-lie coupon for this one ;-)

Stop by Jon’s blog and see if his way of thinking touches you the way it has touched me. Oh! Start following Me vs. College today, leave me a comment on this post telling me about it, and I’ll add your name to the Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! #14 early list!!!

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