Magaly's Witchy Touch

Every section of my new home has gotten some of Magaly's Witchy Touch! The living space is almost finished, with exception of the alphabetization of my DVDs. Today, I'll work on the bathroom and the kitchen, and I'm leaving my urban garden project, yes, my garden! for the end. I'll share all the wonderful details sometime next week, but I couldn't resist giving you a before and after shot of my fireplace encasing:
Before Magaly's Witchy Touch

After Magaly's Witchy Touch

I might be bias, but my Witchy Touch looks freaking wonderful! *grin* And speaking of "touch" I just emailed the Wicked Darling who'll be Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! #13. If you left a comment on that post, do check your email, for you have some questions to ponder upon. I can't wait to write about your cyber-home and the goodness you've decided to share with the world.

I must keep this post short, for I have to continue spreading my touch around my place. You see, I need to finish organizing the house, in order to get back to schoolwork and writing; my OCD blessing does not allow me to do any work while the house is messy.

Write you later my Wicked Darlings! 

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