Lust and Ardor in the Air

I got an email from a Wicked Darling who said her body had felt all “hot” and overcome by “giddiness” for about 15 minutes, and for no obvious reason. She wanted to know if I thought someone was putting a spell on her. I replied that it was possible, or maybe someone was just having some fun alone and she was the inspiration.  

I didn’t say much else after that because I had some serious editing and rewriting to do. I had been working on several short stories, two of them for school. The school pieces were driving me insane. I adhered to the required themes, but for some reason all the characters, in all the stories, wanted to have sex. I didn’t really mind a sexy scene, or two, or three… but when my heroine wanted to jump the hero’s bones right after she decapitated a bad guy, I knew that something was up. I remembered the email exchange, between my Wicked Darling and I, and everything was clear. You blind-assed Witch!

Of course there is heat and giddiness in the air! Beltane will be here in a couple of days, and the Northern Hemisphere is feeling its lust, ardor and fruitfulness; which by the way is intensified by the emotional full moon. So I put my school stories aside for a while, and started working on a series of random hot scenes. I think I have enough sexy stuff to last me for a couple of series.  

I know Beltane is not just about lust and hotness, but for some strange reason that is how it is affecting me, and the Wicked Darling in question.

Is anyone else feeling the Beltane heat?


P.S. I know things are moving slow around here, but the Hottest Witch of The Island is working on end of semester projects, and wow! that’s a lot of work. Miss you my Wicked Darlings ;-)

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