"I'm not just poor, I'm cheap too!"

"Hey girl! T and I just left The Statue of Liberty. We have 6 more hours to kill. They sprayed the house this morning, our spider problem was getting out of hand. Anyway, we'll be by your place in a few minutes. Call me if you don't feel like having company."

I stared at my phone in hope for an explanation. I got none. I redialed my voice mail to make sure I've just heard what I heard. Yep, my dear friend and her 6-year-old son, T, were coming over. Damn!

Please don't get me wrong. I love my friend and absolutely adore T, but T is going through the I-must-ask-at-least-five-questions-a-minute stage of development. I had so much homework. I dialed my friend's number to try explain the situation. The phone ring sounded weird. Was that an echo? I turned toward my front window and  T was smiling at me; his mom was standing behind him waving her phone.

Note to self: close the freaking blinds!

My friend must have noticed my don't-you-see-I'm-doing-homework-hostility because I think I saw a bit of panic when I opened the door. 

"You doing homework, huh?" 

"Mhm, I'm kind of swamped." I glanced at the pile of books on my futon. 

"Sorry dude. I wanted to see your place. I don't come this way often and..."

"I can take an hour break." Yes, I'm that nice.

T was standing in front of my TV holding one of my Harry Potter movies. "Can we watch this?" 

"You won't be able to finish it baby. We're living soon. Ms. Magaly is doing homework." My friend insisted on having her son call everybody Mr. or Ms.

"Aren't you too old for homework?" Yes, T was born a natural charmer.

"I go to college."

"Oh." T took a couple of steps back to get a better view of the top of my bookcase. "Your picture thing is empty."

"Yeah, I have Harry Potter pictures. I sent the one there to check on the spiders at your house."

"That's so cool!" T's eyes were huge.

"Magaly!" His mom wasn't impressed.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself." 

"T, put that movie back. Check what's on TV." My friend handed the remote to her son, and we walked to the kitchen to make some tea. 

"It's broken." The little boy sounded and looked frustrated.

"What's wrong with it?" I don't watch much TV, so he could be right.

"I can't get Nick or anything else. Just channel 2."

"Sometimes I only get channel 2. I don't have cable T."

T gave me his HUGE eyes look again. "Are you poor?"

"T!" My friend's face turned hot pink. "That's a rude question."

"You said I should be thankful because poor people don't have cable." He frowned.

I was laughing so hard that my stomach was starting to hurt.

"Apologize!" My friend nearly dragged her son to were I was, um, nearly rolling on the floor laughing.

"Sorry Ms. Magaly."

"It's okay T. You are right. I'm not just poor, I'm cheap too!" 

T looked at his mom. "Is cheap funny?"

I wiped the tears off my eyes and tried to give her a serious look. "Do you want me to answer that?"

"No." She knew I was going to be bad.

"Are you sure?" I tried to hold back a giggle, but failed.

"I'm positive."

"Not-uh. Daddy said you're the most negative b..."

"T!" My friends eyes were about to pop out of her head.

I dropped on my knees laughing, and then laid on my back, banging my feet on the floor. I'll never forget my first visitors. My friend is probably going to shoot me when she reads this post, but I it was just too freaking funny not to share! 

I love you Mrs. Negative B!


Here are some more pics of my poor cheap cable-less home:

Thanks Judy! Witch in Jeans is the best housewarming present ever!

My babies' (plants) names from left to right: Stubbita, Alien Palm, Beatles, and Ms. Lavender.

Mr. Bamboo by the stove, and tiny Jake on the desk. 

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