213 Wicked Darlings Giveaway

Can you believe it my Wicked Darlings? I see it, rub the silliness off my eyes, and still can't believe it: our Eclectic Circle is 213 Wicked Darlings strong! And that is just on Blogger, for there are 600+ Wicked Darlings who spread Pagan Culture through Google Reader, Facebook and/or Twitter. I'm so proud of our baby! Pagan Culture is not even a year old, and look at all the friends she has made *lone cliché tear running down my cheek*. 

I want to talk about so many things: why and how Pagan Culture started, how it has helped me grow, how it has surprised me, the wonderful people it has brought into my life, where it is going from here... so many things indeed. But I'm buried in schoolwork, so this talk will have to wait until Pagan Culture's Birth-Day Celebration, around May 13th-ish. 

But the Hottest Eclectic Witch of The Island, yes I mean ME, so stop laughing this instant or I'll hex you! Anyway, I feel like celebrating by giveaway these colorful trio: 

This is all you need to do to join the fun:
1. Be or become a Wicked Darling (follow Pagan Culture)
2. Leave a comment on this post.
*For extra entries: 
-Leave a separate comment telling me a bit about your favorite Pagan Culture post (2 entries)
-Twitter about this post and leave me the link (1 entry)
-Blog about this post and leave me the link (1 entry)
-Pray that I can get all my schoolwork done by Tuesday! (1 entry)

Join the fun by April 16th, for the winner will be chosen the next day!

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