Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday!

This Feature Ended in 2010, stop by Pagan Fiction in 113 Words or Less to find out how to become a member of the Eclectic Circle of Fame.

Yes, my Wicked Darlings, I’m back! Your blog, once again, will have the chance to be showcased on Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! This is all you need to become an eternal member of the Eclectic Circle of Fame (on my sidebar):

1. Be one of Magaly's Wicked Darlings (Follow the blog).
2. Comment on the designated posts.
*If you follow through Facebook ONLY, make sure to point that out after your comments.
*If you Twitter about the post, leave a comment with the link (this is worth an extra entry).

The Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! post will be open for comment, for an entire week, sometime at the end of each month. The Wicked Darling to be Touched will be notified on day seven, and his Touch will be published the first Tuesday of the next month. If an email address isn't available, I'll leave a comment on your blog, asking you to contact me. If your blog is to be Touched, please reply to my email/comment with your answers to the following questions:

1. Why do you blog my Wicked Darling?
2. Have your reasons for blogging changed since your first started? If yes, how, and why?
3. Which of your blog posts has touched you the deepest, and why?
4. What is your favorite blog, in the whole wide blogsphere world, and why?
5. Is there anything you MUST share with your fellow Wicked Darlings?

Read Show, Don't JUST Tell to see why I want to Touch you.