"Suffering is Different from Saving"

I have two new roommates and will get a third one in the next two weeks: I'm going insane. The newcomers are  not clean or considerate. My last, good roommie and I were talking about it this afternoon. The new guys smoke and don't clean their rooms to the point that you can smell their stench all the way outside. It's gross! It's driving me mad! My concentration, sleep, and SANITY are suffering! My roommie has noticed my discomfort and asked me, "Why don't you get out of here?" I sighed and told him, "I want to save some money for a rainy day." His answer? "Suffering is different from saving." He is right. I need to move. AGAIN.

I have roommates because I wanted to save a bit of money. Getting my own place will cost me $1000 to $1300 a month (for a basic studio), but thank the Gods (a few tiny scholarships and the Post 911 GI Bill) I can afford it and be financially stable. So, yes, I'm moving again. It sucks butt! But get this, it's midnight and I was sleeping, I was awaken by the stinky combination of cigarette smoke and something that can only be described as rotten butt. I'm angry right now, but I just laughed at the fact that I typed "rotten butt' and I'm not deleting it.

Oh well, I'll make something good out of a bad thing. I'm burning some incense (my attempt to mask the stench) and then read a bit until the air clears out. I started looking for apartments already. I think I found something near the school, and it's already kind of special because the person moving out is a writer too--his girlfriend said that it brought him good luck. I'm going to take a look-see tomorrow.

Now I'm going to read a short story from Jean Toomer's Cane. I read "Blood-Burning Moon", yesterday, and it was deep, sexy, disturbing and different from what I usually read. That's exactly what I need to put my mind at ease, or I might be tempted to get out of my room and start spraying bleach!

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