Spring Cleanup, New Beginning and Stuff…

I’m not going insane, I do know the first day of spring is about a week away, but I couldn’t wait. I’m up to date with schoolwork and my fiction writing—WoooHooo! So I wanted to play blog catch up. I started snooping around, checking out my Wicked Darlings cyber homes, reading and answering old comments, discovering a bunch of changes… and that’s when I told myself “Unholy crab! There is no freaking way I can catch up in the next fifty years!” My solution? Starting over of course ;-) So here I am, giving Pagan Culture an early spring clean up—one small step at the time—and getting reacquainted with my Wicked Darlings’ blogs.

I foresee that the cleanup process will take about a week, but remember my third eye is absolutely blind, so my prediction might not mean crap. Today, I’m tackling the shell. I’m going for that “less is more look”, which was inspired by the fact that I wear very little make up (I’m too cheap to spend money on face paint) and by a few stealing glances into fever. What? You don’t know about fever? I said it once, and must say it again, get out from under that rock my loves! fever is ran by Lora, a Wicked Darling who “behind the sunshine and the kittens and the rainbows, [is] kinda a biznatch.” Um, yeah, you kind of have to read a few of her posts to really get this lady. Warning: Lora’s fever is a drug, once you get a taste, you will sell your first born to get more (not that I’ve done any drugs, or have a first born to sell, but I know people, who know people, who know people, and that puts me just a few people away from being an expert).

I haven’t been around for a while, so you know I have a bunch of stories to share. Nevertheless, Pagan Culture’s content will be on the light side during the cleanup process, unless I feel my usual extreme urge to bitch, moan, complain or rave about something, in which case I’ll just have to give it to you.

I’m already on the bitching, moaning and complaining topic so I might as well tell you what happened yesterday—sorry, I’m saving my raving material for the next post. Anyway, can you believe someone, a Pagan who claims to know me, mind you, gave me a bird for a pet? It is a gorgeous cockatiel, and I so wish I could keep it, but I’m in Witch in the city! My private living space is a 15x13 room! I burn incense, candles, and other very offensive, not to mention lethal to birds stuff, every day. That poor yellow, white, orange, and grey cutie wouldn't last a week at my place. I was very surprised by the present, but not as much as by my friend’s reaction when I told him I couldn’t accept it. I mean, can you see why I had to say no? Really, who in their right mind gives a bird to a Witch who's living in captivity!

But no worries, after I clarified why I couldn't accept the bird, we laughed at my reasoning and at some of my facial expressions—I acted a bit animated. The cute bird is back with the breeder and my friend got a refund. 

Well, now I’m going to do some of that "cleaning up" I've been talking about, so don’t be surprised if things look freaky for a while. I'll explain the changes as I go.

Megahugs to all my luvs!

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