Spring Break, Somewhat...

My Spring Break starts today. I was able to sleep in this morning, can you believe it? It was great. I'm relaxed all the way to my witchy bones. Now I'm hoping the feeling stays with me for while. I just finished drafting my spring break schedule, and unholy crap! I have so much to! Here is the breakdown: 

  • Get boxes
  • Make arrangements for moving help
  • Pack
  • Move 
  • Unpack
  • Short story
  • Report on Nathaniel Hawthorne's witchy vision ;-)
  • Analysis of Othello
  • Critique one short story
I'm going to be a busy Witch during spring break. I'm going to start right now. I need to get some boxes to pack my stuff. I'll keep you posted my Wicked Darlings.

Are you doing anything for spring break? 

Busy Times, stolen from Geek and Poke.

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