"Is NOT MySpace, It's You!"

Ring! Ring! Ring!


"Hey Maggy!Um, were you sleeping?"

"No, just doing homework. Anything wrong out there?" My friend is in Haiti, helping out. But knowing her, she is probably creating more problems. I love her, but she is a mess, but thank the Gods she knows it.

"Damn, I'm such a mess. Sorry! Didn't realize you had homework."

"We talked 30 minutes ago, I told you I'd be doing homework all night." She always does the same thing.

"Go to MySpace. I loaded pictures."

"Your profile is private and I don't have a MySpace profile." She knew this. I cancelled my account about a year ago because some psycho wouldn't leave alone. Her and I discussed going to the police and everything.

"That's a shame, the pictures are so nice. The moon looked great, you would love it. I took them for you."

Okay, that made me feel a bit guilty, so my anger was dissipating. "Email them to me. I can't wait to see them!"

"Email is not working. Don't know why. Just MySpace." She sounded so disappointed.

"I'll get profile okay? It won't take, but a minute."

"Hooray!" Yes, she actually said hooray.

"Okay, my profile is up. How do I search for you? I haven't used this thing in ages. It looks really different."



More Silence.

"MariLuz? Are you there?" I was getting pissed.

"Um, MySpace is not working again."

"No problem, you can email me the pics later. I really have to get to my homework. I'll delete this profile. I don't want to have to keep track of anything else online."

"Sorry. I'll call you tomorrow. Nite, nite."

"Sweet dreams crazy."

Half an hour later...

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I see her number and I'm tempted to just let it ring, but I'm an idiot sometimes. "Hello?"

"It's working Maggy! MySpace is back up!"

I rolled my eyes so hard that I gave myself a headache. "I . deleted . my . profile . already!"

"Just reopen it. Please? The moon looks so dreamy!"

"Okay, I'm in. Where do  I go?"



Dead silence.

"Maggy. It's not working again. I think..."

"Unholy crap Maria Luisa, you made me open this damn thing which you know only brings bad memories." In reality I'm just pissed because that's how I get when I'm interrupted while doing homework or writing. It's quite horrible and embarrassing after I think about it.

"Sorry Maggy. It's MySpace, it..."

"It's NOT MySpace, It's you! You are driving me insane!" I hear laughter on the background, a few seconds later, MariLuz joins the amused chorus. "What's going on?"

"I just won $50. I told everyone I would get you to open a MySpace account, twice, and get you mad as hell too."

I didn't see the humor. "Are there any pictures of the moon?"


"I hate you."

"No you don't."

"Yes, I'm really hating you right now." I hanged up the phone, but I called her a few minutes later. I laughed after I stopped being mad.

So now, I have a freaking MySpace profile (um... had). Fate knows best. I hope not to get overwhelmed with spam. I'm going to beat MariLuz senseless as soon as she gets back. Just kidding... maybe. Anyone want to help?

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