Home, Sweet Home

I saw four apartments in the Staten Island area and they were all amazing, but my heart fell for the first one as soon as I met the owner. She is a psychology and childhood development professor, who owns an old dog and a couple of cats. We spent hours talking about vibes, fate, dogs, running, site seeing, food, school, relationships, the magic of just living… and we might have discussed renting logistics, too, for about 5 minutes.

She made me pomegranate tea, sweetened it with organic honey, and accompanied it with naturally dried apples.

I saw a few other apartments after that, but my heart went back to the professor’s sweet eyes, her rich laugh, and how right it felt to be around her. I was honest with the rest of the prospective landlords—I told them I really loved the first place—they lowered the rent, threw in exclusive yard use, driveway privileges, took half off the first month's rent… I tasted pomegranate, honey, and had smiles flashbacks.

I called the professor after I was done with my interviews, I told her that all the other places were amazing and that people were getting very accommodating. She proved that she could be “very accommodating” too. She threw in a bunch of perks, even tea pot *grin*. The thing is that she didn’t have to do a thing; she had me at “I have a degree on death and dying. I teach at the local college because I love it. My students are like dessert. I love my old mutt with all my heart. Look, Magic (one of the beautiful cats) wants some attention, isn’t he a darling?”

Those were the things that told me that I had found a home. And when she said, “I hope you are planning to cleanse this place before you move, some of the contractors really screwed me over”, I knew I had also found a friend. I’m in love with the studio, the neighborhood, Staten Island, and the fact that I get to ride the ferry to school!

None of this would have happened, if you had not sent me all your positive energy. I could feel the warmth of your wishes, guiding me and encouraging me, as I searched for a home. Thank you so much my Wicked Darlings! Now get ready for some pictures:




The neighborhood 

Staten Island from the Ferry 1

Staten Island from the Ferry 2

The Statue of Liberty from the Ferry: my view on the way to school 

Part of The City from the Ferry

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