Beauty and Sunshine for St. Patrick's Days

Happy St. Patrick's Day my Wicked Darlings! I wish you luck, love, light and whatever else your soul is yearning for. I, my dears, was blessed with sunshine and beauty for St. Patrick's Day. Yep, Sarita from A College Girl's Days brighten my day with the Sunshine Award, and Willow Silverhorse from A College Witch's Experience and Moonwolf from Howling at the Moon made me smile like a happy fool with an award that says that, I am a Beautiful Blogger. Who am I to argue with two bright young minds?

And now because with "privilege comes responsibility" I must follow the rules in order to embrace the honor, which has been bestowed upon me. Well, at least some of the rules, for as you already know, the Wickedest Witch of New York dances at the rhythm of her own Eclectic Pagan drum. This is what I'm doing: I'm combining the awards and the rules and twisting them up a bit. Why? Um, why not?

I'm passing forward the You Are a Beautiful Blogger Because You Have Sunshine Award Combo.
13 is my lucky number, so I'm giving these awards to 13 bloggers who have recently brought beauty to my life, and who fill my world with sunshine, one post a the time. In order to claim these awards, my 13 Wicked Darlings, must share 1 lucky fact about themselves and 3 things they do when they need to brighten up their days. Here are my lucky fact and my three brighting things:

1 Lucky Fact: If I can, I wait for the 13th of the month (my lucky day) to do important things.
3 Things to Brighten my Day: I Dance to my favorite tune, Run in the woods, and Read something sexy, dark, bloody and paranormal.

Dear Nominees: you must pass these awards forward. You can follow the original rules of the awards by clicking HERE for beauty and HERE for sunshine; do the 1 lucky fact and 3 brightening things like I did; or dance to the rhythm of your drum by coming up with a creative way to pass them forward! Your award. Your life. Your choice.

My 13 Nominees:
  1. Jon from Me vs. College
  2. SueAnn from SueAnn's Journey
  3. Judy from Judy's Photos
  4. One Pink Fish from Perfectly Pagan
  5. Mara J. from In So Many Words...
  6. Petra from Hippie's Creations 
  7. ZedralZ from Witchin' the Kitchen
  8. Diandra from Short Stories and Mad Rants
  9. Emma from Soulstrings
  10. Lora from fever
  11. Melissa from The Lotus Page
  12. Bridgett from Peek - A - Boo
  13. This one is for ALL my Wicked Darlings; each and every one of you makes me feel lucky and bright! 
So, what makes YOU feel lucky and bright?