Beautiful and "Camera Crazy in New York"

Do you keep certain pictures you can't wait to show to all your friends? Maybe some cute shots of your most beloved pets?

Like my Attila sleeping when he was a pup.

Or Charlie sleeping with his favorite toy.

Or Amores sleeping with his eyes opened?

I think we all have some of those pics, and we love them so much. We also have pictures that we take randomly and when we see them again we go "That was so funny!" or "That's so freaking weird." 

Camera Crazy in New York contains pics that fit that second category. Don't expect to find image quality; my photo taking abilities really suck. I just point and shoot and that rarely gives great results. The pictures you'll find at my MySpace lame as all hell blog can be funny, but could never compare to the beauty you'll encounter at Hung in the Imbalanced, Pearl's blog. You have to go there and take a look at her banner, I just love it, which is the reason why I felt so honored when she nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank  you gorgeous Pearl!

And, yes, there are rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award to 15 fantastic bloggers, you discovered recently, and who you think are fantastic.
  4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.
7 random things about me:
  1. I don't have a middle name.
  2. I get hit on by guys and girls, equally, when I go to clubs.
  3. I can eat a whole pineapple, yep, all by myself.
  4. My heroes are librarians and teachers.
  5. I think that guys with cupid-like blond curls are really hot.
  6. My catechism teacher kicked me out of play, for dancing while dressed up as the Virgin Mary.
  7.  I still believe that the Virgin Mary would have danced, happily beyond belief, if an angel told her that she was carrying the son of the Christian God.
I'm doing something special for my nominee selection. The thing is that all my Wicked Darlings are fantastic, except for a few who are just FREAKING AMAZING! Anyway, I'm going down the list of my Wicked Darlings who posted recently, and I'm nominating the first 13 who added a picture on their post. Here are my 13 picture-posting Wicked Darlings:
  1. "In the Light of the Moon"
  2. Stars Dance with Me
  3. Asshole Boyfriend
  4. Janicu's Book Blog
  5. Alchemist's Tea Party
  6. Stuff from Ellen's Head
  7. Pencil-Pushers and Ink-Splotches
  8. Go Out Beneath the Naked Night
  9. Let See if this Works
  10. The Hippie Pagan
  11. Avalon Revisited 
  12. Adventures of a Misplaced Texan Zombie Girl
  13. Spirit Phoenix: The Fire Within. You guys know I rarely give away my 13, but the picture this Wicked Darling posted today (and the post) was too inspiring not acknowledge. Please stop by and see what this wonderful lady has done. Congratulations my dear, may the God and Goddess be with you every step you take!

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