White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

The Hollows by Kim Harrison is one of my favorite urban fantasy series. Kim's writing skills are admirable; the woman is gifted when it comes to pacing and creating enough conflicts, within her novels' plot, to make the reader (and the author in the making) wonder how she keeps everything together. The latest addition to The Hollows, White Witch, Black Curse, shows exactly why I enjoy Kim's writing so much. 

You see, my Wicked Darlings, Kim is not Pagan, but her fiction touches realities that are rarely discussed by the general non-Pagan community. I started reading Kim's work by chance, but I'm an Eclectic Witch who believes in Fate, I should have known that nothing happens by chance. Rachel Morgan, The Hollows heroine, is a good example of why. On Witch Witch, Black Curse, the witch and bounty hunter had to use her share of questionable spells in order to save her friend's and herself. Society condemned Rachel for using "black magic", but the witch doesn't feel evil--she knows it, her friends understand it, but Rachel still suffers.

Rachel's spiritual ordeal reminded me of Magic: Wild Power Colored By Intentions, a post that implied magic wasn't white or black, the "evilness or goodness behind the practitioner's intentions is what determines the type of magic". White Witch, Black Curse presents Rachel doing all kings of dark things: working with demons, bringing the dead back to live, loving a vampire... but in her heart, the Rachel knows she is a "white witch", for her intentions--unlike her methods--are pure.

Kim Harrison's novels are a great example on how we can use fiction to understand the intricacies of our society. I've focused on spiritual issues, but reading her novels will give the reader the opportunity to touch other social issues: discrimination, the stigma attached to homosexuality... The reader can do this without fear of compromising his/her own personal values. Kim's work might address many real issues, but at the end you can close the book feeling good about yourself, for the goddess of The Hollows Series writes fiction after all.

Is there any fiction book, out there, that has helped you deal with real life issues? If so, do you care to share the title(s) with us? And, in the name of nosiness research, would you mind telling us what the book did for you?

P.S. The next book on The Hollows Series, Black Magic Sanction, will be released on February 23, 2010. But yours truly has an advance reader's copy--yes, I'mm bragging ;-D

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