"Stay With What's Natural"

I cried last night.

First, my left foot started tapping. I placed both hands on it and it stopped; right before my right foot began to dance the same overexcited tune. I bit my lower lip. HARD. The act put me back in charge of my emotions, but it didn’t hold The Artist’s next attack.

She quoted several Aristotelian writing principles and my nerves were all over the place again. I breathed in deeply and told myself Magaly, you control the universe that is your mind. Then The Artist said, “Stay with what’s natural. Discover who you are and then write. Myth is the Nature, the God, within. It is everything alive. Understand this concept, embrace it, and THEN WRITE!”

My Wicked Darlings, I was about 13 seconds away from jumping on my small desk and starting to dance. I thanked the Old Ones for my military discipline, which I assure you was the only thing that kept me from running to the front of the class and asking The Artist, “Wanna dance around bonfires in the woods too?” I was that overwhelmed with joy.

My dears, you know how I’ve struggled with the decision of pursuing Pagan studies, fiction writing, religious philosophy and mythology. I went back to college to see if the scholarly world would help me find a way to do all the above. I thought the journey was going to take months before it showed signs that it was beginning, so when a professor—on my second week of class—tells me that her course REQUIRES me to start living my dream in order to get a good grade, my Wicked Darlings, I cried sublime tears of joy.

The tears washed away the doubts and drowned my fears of rejection. They reminded that anything is possible, if I stay true to myself, and work hard to make my dreams into realities.

Oh, please don’t worry about me. My bliss doesn’t make me naive enough to believe that the road ahead is going to be easy to travel. I cried “tears of joy” not dumbing juice. It was just good to be reminded that there are some people out there who still value the power of spirituality, myth and literature, and who understand that our society would not prosper if we turn our back on them—not that we actually could, but that is another post.

I feel blessed! 

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