Sad, Wishing for Miracles

I can't get angry with the ones I love. I have been disappointed, betrayed, deceived... and when any of these things happen, my soul drowns in the deepest of sorrows. I cry. I barely eat. I can't concentrate. My world stops. I'm an intelligent person, but my intellect fails me when it comes to understanding why someone I love causes me unnecessary pain. There is always that little voice that tells me "Well dear, maybe they don't feel love the way you do, have you thought about that?"

I live to please and respect those close to me, and although I can't expect them to act just like me, I can't help but wish for such miracle.

I'm sad, my Wicked Darlings, so send me some happy thoughts. I need you--badly--the world is a lonely place when you are sad.

In Darkness, Light!