A Pleasant Surprise

The day I learned I could go back to college to study Creative Writing was a very good day--and a very scary one too. I've heard all the rumors about how studying creative writing, specially fiction, in a scholarly environment was one of the fastest way of compromising my writing voice. I was afraid I was going to have someone telling me what to write, and how to write it, all the time. I was partially wrong.

My professors offer guidance, and there are times when my writing choices are VERY limited, but even under these conditions I get to use my own style--if I get really creative. For instance, I wrote an erotic short story for one of my classes, and yes there were some red faces, but we discussed my story and I got good feedback. Also, I have learned a lot about the craft of writing, and I suspect that my grammar will improve. Soon.

Oh, and I had a very pleasant surprise the other day. After reading the requirements for two of my classes' final projects, I realized that I could use some of my old stories. I will have to tweak them a bit, maybe tone down the sexy parts *grin* but I don't mind. I believe this college experience is going to do great things for me; I'm not just learning how to improve my writing, but also how to satisfy my audience without compromising my writing voice.

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